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Some business owners seem to think that a magic wand exists and when the seo consultant performs his touch either from complete conception or from fixing existing mistakes on the site that all of the sudden they should look in their google analytics and bingo more traffic. Although there is a science behind SEO, the science does contain some variations and it isn't as simple as the theory behind gravity. Here are some ways to drive more traffic and some ways to retain and maintain existing traffic.

5 ways to Help Drive Traffic

Keyword Research and Targeting- Metas, titles, indexing tags, terms and phrases

Quality website Content- Unique text content, site navigation structure, site maps, url structuret

Site Landing pages- Geographic based, specific products, service related, target demographic

Link Building- Manual requests and content based link strategies

Social Media Marketing- Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friend Feed, Youtube...

5 ways to Retain Traffic

Content- Changing and updating site information, photos, and Blogs all with quality

Navigation- Ensuring that visitors are able to find what they need simply and consistently

Web Pages- Resources and Testimonials

Engaging Customer- Encourage opt-in email registration- sending out newsletters and variety of information

Accessibility- Allow site visitors to bookmark site