Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

What is Email Marketing? When combining the traits of digital marketing with those of database marketing and just a little hint of social media marketing, you get the new era of email marketing.  What is digital marketing?  This is the type of marketing that uses the Net, Mobile Devices, and various other interactive channels.  What is database marketing?  This is a form of direct marketing that uses databases of customer or potential customers to generate targeted communications to promote a product or service.  What is social media marketing?  Of course if you live online you know twitter, facebook, and so forth but in the context of Net Marketing, social media references to a collective group of web properties, which is published by users, and not direct employees (but this is changing) in use to create a buzz about something.

So what is Email Marketing? It’s simply using your targeted leads and database to send out emails to clients or possible clients, and new email marketing is to use specific landing pages inside those email campaigns to track which emails are performing with best results, and from those analytics you can optimize your emails.  Some terms you can find useful in Email Marketing; Blacklisted, blocked, campaign, CAN SPAM Act, Email Service Provider, bulk emails, Opt-in, Spam, Subscriber.

Important Info The communications generated by database marketing may be described as junk mail or spam, if it is unwanted by the addressee. Direct and database-marketing organizations, on the other hand, argue that a targeted letter or e-mail to a customer, who wants to be contacted about offerings that may interest the customer, benefits both the customer and the marketer.

Some Email Marketing Tips

Avoid email marketing during the holidays

Create a clear call on what to do in the email, be specific

Define the Opt-in clearly in the email

Use your brand in the subject heading

Use your name in the from line

Bold the important text so that it stands out

Make every customer an individual customer 1 to 1 approach

Make sure your links work (some ppl don’t)

Collect questions from users because it makes great unique content

No sales speak in email newsletters, just valuable content

Never let an email go unanswered more than 24 hrs

There is so much more to email marketing so contact us for more info and programs...