What is Domaining or Domain Name Speculation

Domaining or Domain name speculation is the exercise of identifying and registering or acquiring Internet domain names with the objective of selling them afterward for a profit.  The major targets of domain name speculation are broad words which can be priceless for type-in traffic and for the dominant position they would have in any field due to their descriptive character. Hence generic words and phrases such as poker, insurance, travel; credit cards, sex and others are attractive targets of domain speculation in any top-level domain.

Speculative characteristics of domain names may be linked to news reports or current events. However, the effective period during which such opportunities exist, may be limited. Quick turnaround in the resale of domains is often called domain flipping.  Sometimes, domaining involves finding domain names early in a market, particularly when a new top-level domain is launched, registering them and waiting until the market grows to sell them. Domains such as sex.com and business.com have sold for millions of US dollars.

Evolution of domain name speculation

Domain name speculation. has evolved in parallel with the domain name system. In the early 1990s, the web and Internet access were not as prominent as they are today. However domain names were still being registered though the focus was almost entirely business orientated. At that time much of the ccTLD landscape had yet to appear and the growing public awareness of COM TLD was gathering momentum due to the growth of the Dot-com bubble. This inevitably attracted the attention of those who saw potential value in domain names and at this time, many of the most valuable generic domain names like sex.com and business.com were registered. The problem was that there was no clear legal position on what was purely domain name speculation and what was cyber squatting.

Domain name speculation versus cyber squatting is a growing problem in the world of buying domains and throwing ppc on the cyber squats is creating many laws to be past via legislation