Behavioral Marketing in the Google Search

Behavioral marketing or otherwise known as Behavioral targeting is a practice and technical strategy commonly used by internet publishers and advertisers to help raise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.  This kind of marketing use info collected on an individuals web browsing behavior, such as the pages they would have visited or search they have made, to select what ads to display to that person.  Promoting and pushing ads they believe that are better directed to a possible customer for ones product or service.

This type of marketing allow the website owners or ad networks to display relevant content to the interest of the person viewing the page, on the theory that properly targeted ads  will close a higher percentage of consumer interest.

Onsite Behavioral Marketing is techniques which may also be applied to any online property on the premise that it imporse the visitor experience or benefits the online property, most commonly via an increased conversion rate or increase in spending levels.  The founding fathers of this strategy is via retail or other ecom sites for product promotions, now days other kinds of online companies are doing this online strat.

Using web analytics is the foundation of this approach, breaking down the visitor mass into an number of channels to understand and fully analyze the date compiled by the people whom are visiting your online site.  Various kinds of data can be allocated from basic geographic  demographics to past purchase history, all by the usage of cookies, for example ominture is a popular tool these days.

Network Behavioral Marketing approach used by advertising networks in targeting in a less popular way individual sites.  They serve many adverts across many sites, they are to build up a picture of the likely demo makeup of net users.  An example would be a user seen on football sites, business sites, and male fashion sites.  A guess might be to assume the user is male, advertising networks used to sell this product, but now days behavioral marketing allows us to be more specific than generalizations.  Front porch is a popular tool for this these days.

Why Behavioral Marketing SEO Important

Concerns and Issues. Well the biggest concern is that of privacy, as you can tell from reading the above that privacy is an issue here with this type of marketing strat for the net.  The behavioral targeting world is attempting to contain this via education, advocacy, and product constraints to keep all info non personally identifiable or to obtain permission from end users.  Aol did a cartoon series once regarding this, it was cute lol