Google Adwords and Targeting Traffic

Our understanding of google adwords is an acceptance and use of driving targeted traffic to your website via pay per click (PPC) advertising and or site targeted advertising with a variety of text based ads, video ads, and image or banner related ads.  It is a pretty interesting approach as you can target for local, national and international regions.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is when advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and the max amount they wish to pay per click, when a user searches google engine the sponsored links show up on the the results page of  your search and those sponsored ads are the google ads.  The order of the paid ads is all dependent upon the advertiser bids that they make on the keywords and or phrases. It is an auction mechanism that determines the order.

Site Targeted ads approach is to use adwords control panel to enter keywords, domain names, topics, and demographic targets and than google places the ads on what they feel and view as relevant site within their network of content or the adsense client base.  You may also bid on cost per impression (CPI) or cost per click (CPC) for site targeting.

Adwords Distribution is all able to be shown on google itself, you also have the option to have your ads be displayed on partner networks, such aol, ask, and netscape.  These engine display the google ads based upon what the user is searching.  The content network sites are the adsense clients, whom get paid based upon what you are spending.  Main competition is that of yahoo and msn ad networks.

Obtaining qualified customers whom is the on going debate about adwords?  Are these clicks generating money?

Why can  Google Adwords help with SEO?

Oh seo and adwords? Does your orgainic SEO help with the use of google adwords? Hm, I will go out on a limb and say if it does help it is very minimal.  SEO efforts is supposed to be used to lower ones dependency upon pay per click campaigns, non paid traffic is always better than paid traffic because these are people whom aren't being forced to your site via bidding on ads.  

We usually tell clients that google adwords is and will generate a lot of traffic, and traffic very quickly compared to natural search engine results, so it does have its ups and downs, also with google is important to have the correct landing page setup so you can determine whats working and whats not...and the foundation of that landing page will become indexed and hopefully appear on natural orgainic searches as well…